High Hopes initiative helps underprivileged communities realize their sustainable livelihood and development goals.


We believe that development can only be sustainable if the values underlying this human activity are founded on a deep appreciation of our interconnectedness with all life.  In following with this philosophy we select our projects according to the following principles:

Environmental Stewardship - Projects should foster awareness of and respect for our interconnectedness with the natural world.

Community Harmony - Projects must involve wide participation of community members in the design, implementation and benefits of given venture, reflecting an appreciation of social equity.

Cost Effectiveness - Projects should achieve its objectives with efficiency, frugality and accountability, leveraging local and external resources where possible.

Capacity Building and Self-Reliance - Projects should build capacity in the community to manage its own resources and increase self-reliance in the future.


In 2009 and 2010 our assistance will be going to Amachuma Chico (Palca District), a small subsistence farming community located in the uplands of Bolivia (3,500 meters above sea level). Together with family, friends, and colleagues we are helping this farming community improve their livelihood by repairing their water supply and irrigation canal system, which was destroyed by extreme rains and flooding last year.

The unusual precipitation is thought to be a result of changes in the El Nino/La Nina, induced by climate change.  Bolivia is also facing severe glacial melt as a result of climate change. The project is a coordinated effort between the Palca community farmers, Ecolibrio, local engineers and experts.  The community is providing the manual labor for construction and have committed themselves to maintain the new system in the long term.

Our assistance also functions as seed money for a new World Bank Climate Change Adaptation Project, which will support activities to adapt the existing agriculture system to more arid conditions.   The new water bridge is designed to endure future soil instability and flooding.  When it is completed, it will help provide reliable access to water, which is crucial to maintaining the community’s health and livelihood.

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